Our Thesis

To Set a New Pace in Human Optimization


Investment Criteria

What We Look For

Our primary goal is to empower passionate founders who develop innovative ideas that impact all bodies. We're investing in more than just potential, we’re doubling down on the endless realm of human potential.

With efficiency in mind, we like to spend our first meeting getting to understand the founder(s) first. Your first conversation may be with one of our Partners or investors. Each member of our team has a voice and it's respected at the table. After that conversation, we huddle to connect the dots, reflect on your story and think. From there we spend time with information shared and will come back with deeper questions that move the relationship forward. These are not questions to occupy your inbox, but questions formulated on our path to deep conviction.



Healthcare has reached an inflection point. The landscape is rapidly shifting towards value based care, deep personalization, and an endless appetite for connected data that will forever change the way we communicate with health providers, our families and ourselves.





The wellness industry is a $4.5T opportunity, as more consumers seek to reduce their healthcare costs while exploring ways to be healthier and happier across physical, mental, social and spiritual dimensions of their lives. We seek innovative companies using technology to deliver benefits that are meaningful, measurable and scalable.




Software will continue to impact the world in ways never imagined. We're firm in our belief of embracing technology as the conduit for optimization. Innovative applications and connected hardware will continue to change behaviors, augment processes and provide stable infrastructure to advance the world's capabilities.


Investment Criteria

Stage & Check Size

Our funding decisions are made by consensus. There will always be an internal deal champion that will serve as your lead investor. We practice a rigorous diligence process that can sometimes be complex or very swift — but we typically are able to gather the information we need in 2 weeks or less, once we've aligned on our potential partnership.

It's our obligation to earn your trust and build on our relationship. To that end we run a transparent process, with no "GOTCHA" moments. We will work closely with the founder(s) to determine our entry point that makes sense. We are hands-on investors, we set out with a 90 day action plan to be additive at the outset.

Stage: Seed-Series A

Size: $500K-$3MM

Fund Size: $50M

As the capital landscape continues to evolve, we remain flexible to understand the specific needs of the entrepreneur. We have a framework that directs our investing. In order for us to spend dedicated time with our founders, we target 6-8 investments per year. These companies typically have a working prototype product getting user feedback or generating revenue, approaching product market fit. On occasion, we invest in exceptional teams at the concept level.

Defining Human Optimization

Human Optimization means moving closer to a collective well-being with accessible health driven tools. Tools that enable us to better understand our bodies so we can easily implement habits for leading long, full, enriched lives. 

The Value Add

The vision is big, but the approach is simple:
We want to be the best partners at the table.

With a team of world class leaders in sports, marketing and technology we’re looking at the VC 
landscape with fresh eyes. We are amplifying our collective toolkits with the harnessed power of an athletic mindset, pushing boundaries, and helping founders we believe in to set a new pace in Human Optimization through innovation. And, we are just getting started.

Are yoū next ?

We are always looking for our next founder, brand, company and idea that pushes the limit of what's possible.