Stacey Finerman

Stacey is a senior finance professional with a career spanning two decades. Stacey worked in investment banking and research at Citigroup, RBS and Goldman Sachs. Moving onto senior executive in-house positions, Stacey developed the Investor Relations function for three high-growth technology companies, and played a pivotal role in two IPO processes, including Square’s IPO in 2016. During her tenure at Square, Stacey guided the company’s listing, and also led its value narrative with investors during a period where the market cap tripled to over $30 billion and the company was recognized as the Company of the Year by Yahoo Finance in 2018. She is currently the Vice President of Investor Relations at PagerDuty, a leader in digital operations management that empowers organizations of all sizes with real-time and data-driven insights to drive better business results. In her role Stacey works closely with the CEO, CFO, and multiple key internal and external audiences to articulate the company’s growth opportunity. Stacey is an avid runner and triathlete with six Ironman finishes to her credit, including the Hawaii World Championships. She’s also a professional cycling enthusiast who is perfectly willing to wake up at absurdly early hours to watch races live in Europe.